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Jessica Rutherford


About Me

I was introduced to photography via a workshop that was offered in grade 3, from that moment I was hooked! Photography has been a lifelong passion.

I started shooting boudoir because I LOVE showing people how gorgeous and beautiful they are. I will even get giddy when I get "THAT" shot. I might just talk about it, out loud, several times during a shoot. Did I mention "THAT" shot?

The most rewarding part of Boudoir Photography, for me, is watching my clients walk out the door more confident than when they walked in.

I have worked as a video editor for the CBC for the past 27 + years. I have worked on the last 4 Olympics.

I love to travel, although I can’t do it as much as I’d like. I try to be active. I pole dance (not very well, but who cares I love it), I will sing just about any song that comes on the radio. I'm very easy going, even more easy going after a drink or two. Speaking of drinks, my favorite is Empress Gin, (Hendricks is a close second) and tonic (in case you were wondering or want to bribe me, wink wink).

I love meeting new people and spending time with friends, but I thrive on quiet evenings. I laugh a lot, love animals and have a slightly (very) dirty mind.

That's me!

PS. I am so excited to share; I have recently been published in 10+ international magazines!!!