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Couples Boudoir

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Couples boudoir provides a glimpse of what intimacy looks like behind closed doors.


It’s such an incredible honor when a couple allows me to capture their shared intimate connection. When a couple does an intimate boudoir photo shoot, it is a wonderful way to step out of your comfort zone with your partner and bring the two of you closer together, all while capturing the love and intimacy of your relationship. Captured Photography is an all-inclusive studio that does not discriminate against race, gender, or sexual orientation and is kink friendly. You are all welcome here!


What is included?

Couples sessions encompass everything you’d expect from a regular boudoir photo shoot. As with a regular boudoir photo shoot, it is completely up to you on what you want out of the photo shoot. You will get a variety of images of each partner and images together.


What can I expect during the session?

The process for a couples boudoir photo shoot is the same as for individual boudoir photo shoots, except there’s double the fun!  Check out our blog on How to Prepare for your Boudoir Photo Shoot.

Once you arrive at the scheduled time of your session, we will start with hair and makeup, if you’ve added it to your experience. If you are doing your own makeup, our blog on Makeup Tips for Photography is a great place to start.

After hair and makeup, we will go over the items you brought and discuss what will work best for your photo shoot, I may even have you try some items on to make sure you look awesome!


Then the fun part, shooting. I will start with Individual portraits of each partner, and then pose you together. I promise no stress! I will direct you in how to pose, where to put your hands and what expression I’m looking for. You do not need any experience whatsoever.


The first 15 minutes can be awkward. Trust me it’s normal, we’ll get through this together. You’ll be having fun in no time.



Now the question we all want to ask: What if he gets a little too “excited?!”

Yes, it can happen, but not as often as you think. Nerves also play into this as well. Most poses only look sexual. Its implied sex not actual sex.


But what if it does happen? Don’t worry about it, it’s natural. I will ignore it and carry on like nothing happened – it certainly won’t make a photo worse – and we can take advantage of the extra sex appeal (let’s be honest, men will never complain about a little extra size). If you feel uncomfortable, we can take break if things get too “hard” (excuse the pun) and you can take a moment to “calm down”.  It’s is nothing to be embarrassed about.


Are you going to see our “private parts”?

As I mentioned before, how much you show is completely up to you, this is your photo shoot. You can show as much or as little skin as you feel comfortable with. But I do not photograph genitalia.  Nude or implied nude is your decision. Implied nude means you will be naked but you will be posed to strategically cover your nether regions in the picture.


By the point of the photo shoot where nude or implied nude pictures would be taken, we will be pretty comfortable with each other, but I am respectful in this regard and respect your privacy during posing changes. I will act as if you are completely clothed.


I can’t stress this enough – your final images are a reflection of you and your intimate relationship. Before your boudoir photo shoot, we will have conversations about what kind of things you and your partner enjoy – anything from kink or fantasy to reading on the couch together. It’s your photo shoot and anything you might want to incorporate; we will try to accommodate.


Couples boudoir photo shoots are more sensual in nature than sexual. Again, I do not photograph genitalia, I do not allow actual sex acts during the session. This includes actual intercourse, oral, hand, anal, toys, or anything in between.


For sanitary purposes, bodily fluids are off limits.


Final thoughts

It may seem nerve-wracking to strip down and get frisky with a photographer looking on, but many couples said they left the shoot feeling more confident, empowered and connected to each other.


I have always considered photography as a means to convey unique stories. A couple’s boudoir photo shoot captures your unique dynamic of love and affection you have together.


In short, couples boudoir photography is about highlighting the intimacy between two partners. I am there to capture aspects of your relationship that you might not even know about. A couples boudoir photo shoot is fun and sensual, be silly and have a pillow fight but most of all have fun.


The more natural you are in front of the camera, the better the photos will be