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Toxic Magazines And How It Affects Us

Womens Health Magazine, Blast belly fat



As women we have spent our entire lives being told we need to look a certain way. Act a particular way.



We are told that basically we are here to please men. BUT if you enjoy sex or show off your body you are a “slut” or “easy”.



We have been conditioned to pick apart every single part of our body.



We are bombarded with images on magazines  and movies of how we are “supposed to look”.



We have been told we are not as pretty as the women in magazines.

Vogue most beautiful women
Vogue Magazine Cover, Lost art of the handjob







We are exhausted from all our efforts and energy going towards being the perfect mother. The perfect wife. And the perfect employee.

Cosmo Magazine Cover 78 ways to turn him on
Boudoir Photo Shoot, Captured Photography




I struggle with my own body image. I crave to be a size 2. But I never will. At 48 I have finally accepted my body. I love the person I am and now I am learning to love the body I have.



As a boudoir photographer the greatest joy I get is showing women how beautiful they are.


Allowing them to see the beauty in themselves. During a photo shoot, when I show someone the picture on the back of my camera, I can literally see a transformation in their demeanor.


Everything changes in that moment.


Their face lights up, nerves melt away to confidence, uncertainty peels back to strength, they know they’ve “got this”, seeing a woman, with a list of things she would change about herself, transformed into a sexy goddess who knows just how worthy and valuable she is, is priceless.



YOU are every bit as beautiful as the women in magazines.



I believe in the power of boudoir! I see what it does for the women I shoot and even what it does for me.



Give yourself permission to pursue feeling sexy. Treat yourself to an experience meant to help you rediscover the woman you are meant to be. Because when you feel amazing about yourself, you are able to pour more deeply into those you love.

Silhouette of sexy woman

You do not need to change in order to book a boudoir photo shoot. Isn’t that so powerful?



Hop off that scale and kick it to the curb! Your weight, age, or any other circumstance you can think of does not define you, nor do they determine what you deserve. The place you are in right now may not be where you are headed, and that is okay! There is so much beauty right where you are, and you are worthy of feeling enough in the space you are in.



You ARE ready for an incredible boudoir experience! And you can do it just the way you are!